20 Foot Plus is go! Learn all about big wave surfing’s new venture here

If you’re a big wave surfing fan, you’ll love 20 Foot Plus. That’s the name of our collaboration with Surfline and Heavy Water Surf – a recently formed big wave surfers’ union – that promises to bring the world’s best big wave sessions to viewers around the world.
Now live on Surfline, the series will follow surfers such as Justine Dupont, Kai Lenny, Ian Walsh, Lucas Chianca, Billy Kemper, Annie Reickert and many more as they prepare for and tackle huge waves at some of the wildest and most remote locations.

On all-time days, when waves, weather and the best big wave surfers come together to create historic sessions, Surfline will broadcast the action live, with multiple cameras on the water and in the air.

Lucas Chumbo riding giants

© Ben Thouard

In between swells, Twenty Foot Plus will profile the big wave community, telling stories about the best big wave surfers, water safety, shapers and other people involved in the sport. It will also delve into the science and history of a wide array of the world’s heaviest waves.

Justine Dupont looking comfortable in her happy place, XXL Nazaré

© Hugo Silva/Red Bull Content Pool

Big wave surfing has always played a special role in surf culture, and Twenty Foot Plus will help give it the attention and respect it deserves,” says Kyle Laughlin of Surfline. “This series is without precedent and designed to recognise and champion the big wave community in an all-new, engaging format.”

Jamie Mitchell pulls into a blue Jaws bomb

© Adam Carbajal/#mauicartel

Leading the charge on behalf of the big wave community is Australian waterman Jamie Mitchell, who rose to prominence by winning the Molokai2Oahu paddle board race an incredible 10 consecutive times before turning his sights on the world’s heaviest waves.

Mitchell made such a mark he soon ended up an invitee to The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, the most prestigious paddle-in event in the world, held at Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, where Mitchell now lives.

Jamie Mitchell goes full send at Half Moon Bay

© Nikki Brooks

“Our members formed Heavy Water Surf to raise the prominence and visibility of big-wave surfing, and this partnership is a critical milestone in the evolution of the sport,” says Mitchell.

“Surfline forecasts have been at the centre of big-wave surfing for decades, helping it become what it is today. Pairing the world’s best heavy-water surfers with Surfline and Red Bull to tell our stories to a global audience will be transformative for the big-wave community.”

Kai Lenny and the wave that won him the 2020 Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge

© Mattias Hammar/Red Bull Content Pool

Following Surfline’s live broadcast, we’ll be taking viewers behind the scenes with an in-depth recap of the hardest-hitting moments and the heaviest rides of each swell. All that and more will be available on Red Bull TV.

Ian Walsh going huge at home in Maui, Hawaii

© Fred Pompermayer/Red Bull Content Pool

As the official forecast partner and media platform for Twenty Foot Plus, Surfline will identify and chart the biggest swells of the year and advise Heavy Water Surf on pending swell events. In the aftermath of these historic sessions, the world might just discover that Twenty Foot Plus has become the most comprehensive examination of big wave surfing in the history of the sport. Strap in, this is going to be wild.

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