Studio Portraits with the StellaPro Reflex S

I discovered the Reflex to be tremendous light-weight and transportable. I preferred that it has interchangeable batteries. Each and every other cool function is the Optics, attachments that act as a grid to be in agreement keep an eye on the sunshine. There are 3 Optic sizes: extensive, medium, and see. For the full pictures, we used the extensive Optic.

On this photoshoot and behind the scenes video, we use the Reflex as a unbroken refined supply. There are two lighting getting used. one has a CTO gel and a place lens on it and the opposite is sunlight balanced and has a large lens on it to inspire higher refined fall-off.

The StellaPro Reflex S is an LED refined supply, so it’s in a position to putting out some if truth be told excellent refined!

Big Wave Surfing Barbie Sequel
Barbie Sequel


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Originally posted 2022-05-27 21:15:53.