Trump could be another Abe Lincoln

Professor says Trump could be either a Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending on how this ends

Patriotic voters will force Republican politicians to retaliate

Texas political science professor Emil Ficker told JournoNews, “Many in of the educated class are calling out the Biden zealots. They understand that at least one of Joe Biden’s beach homes will be raided in 2025. Every former president will be raided in perpetuity now; until there comes a time when we begin raiding sitting presidents (coups d’etat) on a regular basis. It’s a very bad precident. It will be tit-for-tat.”

Emil Ficker - Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending
Professor Emil Fiker

Emil Ficker said, “You might think the Republicans wouldn’t retaliate, they aren’t generally willing to go against their principles. However, there will quickly be the realization that if they don’t retaliate in kind they will be voted out of office. This is the level of support Mr Trump enjoys. It might last well into the next decade or longer. In theory it could easily be the end of the republic.”

Emil Ficker added, “If Biden wins, expect Mr. Trump to become a historical resistance fighter, like Solzhenitsyn or Sakharov. In that case, Merrick Garland would be remembered as someone like Lavrentiy Beria. It Mr. Trump wins and restores the rule-of-law and limited government, he’ll be remembered as a Lincoln type figure. Odd, Trump and Lincoln had very opposite personalities, but the result would be the same. Historical figures frequently are judged by their results and not their personality. Many men are liked for their temperament, but few can save their nation from tyranny.”

“Stunning though not surprising the Democrats in House are treating DOJ/FBI unlawful search at Trump’s residence as a legitimate and lawful prosecution. It is clear, the attack has been greatest threat on the Republic since Pearl Harbor while dismissing the his ignoring the invasion on the southern border by bunch of happy well-meaning cartel members,” Ficker told JournoNews.

How would Donald Trump become another Alex Solzhenitsyn?

Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending
Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending

Professor Ficker explained, “Joe Biden would have to win. He would have to complete his mission and bring authoritarian socialism to the United States. Trump won’t write a novel, but unfortunately he might write a Gulag Archipelago. I’d like to find an anaolgoy from American history, but we’ve never persecuted a former official before or criminalized politics. An analogy from the old Soviet Union seems to work however.”

One of the most famous Soviet dissidents, Solzhenitsyn was an outspoken critic of communism and helped to raise global awareness of political repression in the Soviet Union, in particular the Gulag system.

He believed in justice. He thought that human beings were, in their basic nature, good, but that social circumstances could distort them, ruin them. In order to establish justice as a foundation of society, Solzhenitsyn took religion as a common denominator.

How would Donald Trump become another Abe Lincoln?

Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending
Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending

Abraham Lincoln remains one of the most respected presidents in the history of the Republic. His rise to power remains a classic American story.

Professor Ficker explained, “Most of Mr Trumps work is still be done. Winning in 2024 would be a historic vindication of democracy, and the restoration of capitalism,  Like Lincoln he will have to crack a few eggs.  Mr Trump can best preserve the the Union by purging the socialists and authoritarians from the FBI and IRS. It’s all dependent on 2024; the way he handles his second term, the way handles the socialists will determine our future as a nation. All presidents potentially have the power to alter history, but if anyone else is elected in 2024, they might not have the personality, will power or determination to do what is need to present us from third-world status.

Lincoln’s legacy is based on his momentous achievements: he successfully waged a political struggle and civil war that preserved the Union, ended slavery, and created the possibility of civil and social freedom for African-Americans.

Still, the most lasting accomplishments attributed to Lincoln are the preservation of the Union, the vindication of democracy, and the death of slavery, all accomplished by the ways in which he handled the crisis that most certainly would have ended differently with a lesser man in office.

What will 2025 be like in the Swamp?

During President Trump’s election campaign around 18 months ago, he repeatedly said the phrase ‘drain the swamp’. The phrase caused curiosity among people, voters and political commentators around the world.  Trump used this metaphor to describe his plan to fix problems in the federal government.

He vowed that he would take on the ‘power structure’ in Washington and ‘drain the swamp’ of all the buaerocrats and lobbyists who had hurt the country’s working class.

Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending
Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending

In 1980, Reagan called to ‘drain the swamp’ of bureaucracy in Washington.

Trump said that as a billionaire, he knew how the system was rigged. He said he would be able to work around that rigged system for the benefit of the people if he was elected president.

Expect Mr Trump to actually drain the swamp in 2025.

In 2020, many noticed President Donald Trump was attending the National Prayer Breakfast, but showing no sign of grace. Lips pursed, face alternating between anger and frustration, he lashed out at enemies who had brought him to the doors of impeachment. He brandished the day’s newspapers, waving them above his head. The first headline: “ACQUITTED.” The next: “Trump Acquitted.” It was Feb. 6, 2020.

Close aides believed Trump had crossed a psychological line during his Senate trial. He now wanted to get even; he wanted to fire every single last “snake” inside his government. To activate the plan for revenge, Trump turned to a young take-no-prisoners loyalist with chutzpah: his former aide John McEntee.

By the end of that year, Trump also had a second tool in his armory, a secret weapon with the innocuous title, “Schedule F.” The intention of this obscure legal instrument was to empower the president to wipe out employment protections for tens of thousands of civil servants across the federal government.

Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending
Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending

The mission for McEntee and the power of Schedule F dovetailed in the lead-up to the 2020 election as Trump planned (but lost) a second term and fumed over perceived foes.

If former President Trump runs again in 2024 and wins back the White House, people close to him say, he would turn to both levers again. It is Schedule F, combined with the willpower of top lieutenants like McEntee, that could bring Trump closer to his dream of gutting the federal bureaucracy and installing thousands devoted to him or his “America First” platform.

According to, Trump gave McEntee his blessing to start ridding the federal government of his enemies and replacing them with Trump people. McEntee was to ignore the “RINOs” who would try to dissuade him. He was to press ahead with urgency and ruthlessness.

At the president’s direction, McEntee weeded out administration officials deemed to be disloyal or obstructionist. With Trump’s unequivocal backing, he became more powerful than any personnel director in recent history. Trump had decided to ignore his more traditional advisers and to take an aggressive stance against anyone in his way — an approach he would surely replicate in any second term.

McEntee had the authority to overruleTrump’s own Cabinet secretaries. He was able to hire and fire in many cases without their sign-off — and in at least one instance, without even the Cabinet secretary’s prior knowledge.

In their place, McEntee and his colleagues in the personnel office recruited die-hard Trump supporters from outside Washington to serve in important government positions. Some had barely graduated from college and had few, if any, of the credentials usually expected for such positions.

What have the authoritarians done to this nation?

What took almost 250 years to build, they’ve destroyed in 11 hours at Mar a Lago.

Jack Goldsmith

Jack Goldsmith told JournoNews, “I have long worried (here, and, more recently, here) about the adverse consequences of the Biden Justice Department using criminal process against former President Donald Trump. Several sensible commentators—including George Will, Damon Linker, and David Brooks—think Attorney General Garland made a mistake, perhaps a disastrous one, in executing the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago. … They worry that the search will, in Will’s sedate words, harm ‘social comity’ and ‘domestic tranquility.'”

Mr Goldsmith added, “They are right in this sense: Trump supporters would have viewed any criminal legal process directed at Trump from the Biden Justice Department as, in Linker’s words, ‘an illegitimate act undertaken by an alien, tyrannical ‘Regime’ resembling a Third World dictatorship.’ Justifiably or not, this reaction—and the further diminution in trust in the Justice Department and FBI by a large chunk of the country—was a directly foreseeable consequence of Garland’s decision.”

Senator Tim Scott

Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending
Trump could be either another Solzhenitsyn or Abe Lincoln, depending

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) told JournoNews, “Well, I think the question about what’s gonna happen in the days ahead is the open-ended question that we won’t know the answer to. But we know looking back may be a predictor of what we’re gonna see looking forward to. Looking back, what we saw was basically a witch hunt from a couple days before President Trump took office until the day he left the office. Every single day in between was a witch hunt.”

Senator Scott added, “So what we should be concerned with is whether or not this administration, the Biden administration, the FBI will continue the same kind of aggressive behavior against any American citizen, let alone the former president of the United States. I am concerned because as a guy who wrote a book about redemption and the story of opportunity which is the story of America.

He continued, “You look through my pages of my book; you come to the conclusion that I believe that America is the answer, not the problem, much because much of my conclusion is based on this level playing field that is necessary for everyday Americans to believe that — no matter what happens — in the eyes of justice, in the eyes of the law, we will be treated equally. That is a big question mark in today’s activities and the events that have trance paired over the last 24 hours.”

Mass Arrests Expected

Expect any staff, friendf or family member of Donald Trump to be arrested and/or harassed by the new authoritarian regime. Joe Biden must have ordered an “all out and vast” purge of the opposition.

Socialist Judge flat-out violates Linsey Grahams Constitutional rights

A federal judge in Atlanta has denied GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham’s motion to quash a subpoena, ruling that he must testify before a Fulton County grand jury investigating former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

In her written decision on Monday, US District Judge Leigh Martin May sent the case to the Superior Court of Fulton County to hear further proceedings on the US Constitution’s “Speech or Debate” clause, the centerpiece that Graham’s attorneys argued immunized the US senator from South Carolina from having to testify in this case.
Article I, Section 6 also says that Senators and Representatives shall not be questioned in court or by the President for any speech or debate they give or participate in on the floor of the Senate or the House. This assures ample freedom of debate in Congress.

They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

Please realize the authoritarians will use his testimony against him, in violation of the 5th Amendment. Given the purge that is coming, it’s clear that Senator Graham is near the top the Biden hit-list.

Giuliani Is Told He Is a Target of Trump Election Inquiry in Georgia

Rudolph W. Giuliani, as former President Donald J. Trump’s personal and election lawyer

Lawyers for Rudy Giuliani have been told that he is a target of a criminal investigation in Georgia into election interference by Donald J. Trump and his advisers.

Mr. Giuliani, who as Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer spearheaded efforts to question the election irregularities in 2020. An American hero and patriot emerged in recent weeks as a central figure in the inquiry being conducted by socialist and Soros district attorney, Fani T. Willis, in Fulton County, Ga., which encompasses most of Atlanta. Atlanta has become a hotbed of socialists and authoritarian politicians.

Earlier this summer, prosecutors questioned witnesses before the special grand jury about Mr. Giuliani’s appearances before state legislative panels in December 2020, when he spent hours peddling false conspiracy theories about secret suitcases of Democratic ballots and corrupted voting machines.

Texas political science professor Emil Ficker told JournoNews, “The prosecutor, Fani T. Willis, could be the most ignorant prosecutor in the country. People have a right to an attorney, at least in the past, and Willis must realize people won’t seek or tell the truth to their lawyer if later the government can force them to testify against their client. The left in this county didn’t pay attention in school or perhaps it’s the willful destruction of the constitution. It’s an indication of what is to come. The socialists will ‘trump’ up charges against anyone who opposes them.”

Rex Huppke, wrote in the Chicago Tribune, “Federal investigators had the gall to execute a so-called search warrant on the New York City apartment of my hero and close personal friend Rudy Giuliani, America’s mayor and former lawyer to the most honest president we’ve ever had, Donald J. Trump. Suffice it to say I am OUTRAGED. I am unfamiliar with the case, have not read the search warrant and do not get information from traditional “news sources,” but I can say with 100% confidence this is #JudicialOverreach mixed with #CancelCulture mixed with communist propaganda.”

“I committed no crime,” Mr Giuliani said in an interview to NBC New York, when speaking about an investigation he faces by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) into allegations he broke foreign-lobbying laws in dealing with Ukraine and for failing to register as an agent for pro-Russian Ukrainians.

Mr Giuliani said he was frustrated after the FBI conducted searches at his home and office and said they were misguided and politically motivated.

“And if you think I did commit a crime, you’re probably really stupid because you don’t know who I am,” he said and added that he was working for then-President Trump as his lawyer at the time.  “Is the guy who put the mafia in jail, terrorists in jail, Ed Koch’s commissioners in jail, and the worst people on Wall Street — I’m not going to file [a form]? I mean, that’s just crazy,” he said.